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Leadership and Committees



The governing body of the Association shall be a Board of Directors consisting of the Elected Officers, the immediate past president of the Association, and an odd number of REALTOR® Members of the Association not to exceed nine (9) and a REALTOR® Member of the Association designated by the Association’s Lumberton Chapter (“Lumberton Chapter Director”).  Directors shall be elected to serve for terms of three (3) years.  The Board of Directors shall have the responsibility to establish policy and procedures in order to assure compliance with the Bylaws of the Association, and shall be charged with the full responsibility and authority to carry out all business and professional activities of the Association


The Executive Committee is to review the bank statements and cash reconciliations in detail monthly and note review and approval on the Financial Information Integrity Form presented to the Board of Directors.

The Executive Committee shall be responsible for the Performance Evaluation of the Chief Executive Officer, approval of the Personnel Policy Manual and the CEO job description, approval and annual presentation of the CEO’s letter of agreement or terms if returning to employment-at-will.  In the absence of the EVP, the Executive Committee will assume the roles and responsibilities of the EVP position including the authority to appoint or hire an interim replacement or replacements for this position.


The Committee will plan and communicate a clear message of value for Affiliate members and create programs that support this.


The Budget & Finance Committee is responsible for overseeing the finances of the Association, and for preparation of the Association's annual budget in cooperation with the Executive Vice President and President Elect. Review the budget and financial report at least quarterly, and recommend any necessary adjustments to the Board of Directors; Study ways and means of raising funds for projects adopted by the Board of Directors for which funds are not available; Review the dues and fees structure of the Association to ensure that projected income is sufficient to support the level of 50 Revised: April 2016 services required by the membership; Review and recommend investment and insurance policies.


Each member of the Bylaws & Policy Committee should have a thorough knowledge of the Bylaws & Policy of the Association, the Bylaws & Policy of the North Carolina Association of Realtors and the Model Bylaws of the National Association of Realtors. The committee is responsible for initiating and/or reviewing all proposed changes to the Bylaws & Policy manuals and for making recommendation regarding proposed changes to the Board of Directors. The committee should render any interpretations of the Bylaws & Policy manuals as requested by the Board of Directors. Association's legal counsel should be consulted as necessary.


The Education Committee has the responsibility to plan, make all necessary arrangements and promote all educational programs for the Association.


The Election Committee is responsible for setting the exact dates and times of the annual election of officers. Once the annual election polls have closed, the Committee shall confidentially certify the election/vote. In the case of a tie, the Election Committee shall determine the winner by lot (defined in Policy Manual as names drawn to determine winner).


The function of the Grievance Committee is similar to that of the grand jury. The committee receives Ethics complaints and Arbitration requests from either Association members or the public, to determine if, taken as true on their face, a hearing is to be warranted. The committee makes only such preliminary evaluation as is necessary to make these decisions. The committee meets at the call of the Chair when a complaint is received. The committee members should be thoroughly familiar with the Code of Ethics and the Standards of Practices of the National Association of Realtors. The Grievance Committee does not hold hearings. The committee chair should closely coordinate the administrative processing of Ethics complaints or Arbitration requests with the Executive Vice President. Committee members must attend an annual training session.


The Legislative/RPAC Committee has the responsibility to provide information to the membership on legislative matters affecting the real estate profession, and to conduct an annual Brunswick County Association of REALTORS® RPAC campaign and attend NCAR committee meetings concerning Legislative/RPAC matters.


The MLS Committee has the responsibility for overseeing the Service. They make recommendations to the Board of Directors concerning proposed changes in the MLS Rules and Regulations and MLS operational procedures. The committee is responsible for drafting and preparation of all MLS related forms and for the Lock Box System. Committee members must be thoroughly familiar with the Handbook on Multiple Listing Policy of the National Association of Realtors, and the MLS Rules and Regulations of our Association. The committee handles complaints of violation of MLS Rules only and Request for Appeals of fines or fees.


The NCAR Awards Task force will recommend candidates annually for NCAR Awards.


The Nominating Committee shall nominate and interview candidates for each available Officer and Director position. Upon selection completion, the Committee shall file a report to the BOD for approval.


The Professional Standards Committee is responsible for enforcing the Code of Ethics of the National Association of Realtors and to handle the hearings of Ethics and Arbitration, and to educate the membership on the meaning and interpretation of the Code of Ethics. The committee members should be knowledgeable of the following documents: 1). The Code of Ethics and Standards of Practices of the National Association of Realtors, 2). Interpretations of the Code of Ethics of the National Association of Realtors, 3) Association Bylaws. The committee chair should coordinate administrative details with the Executive Vice President. The committee meets when a case has been forward to them for a hearing. Committee members must attend an annual training session.



Each year the ROTY Committee may elect an individual to be named the Brunswick County Association of REALTORS Realtor® of the Year.  The committee shall be comprised of an odd number, greater than 1, of former ROTY recipients.

Each year the AOTY Committee may elect an individual to be named the Brunswick County Association of REALTORS Affiliate of the Year.  The committee shall be comprised of an odd number, greater than 1, of former AOTY recipients.


The Strategic Planning committee shall meet at least twice annually and determine the goals and objectives of the Association. They shall outline the programming for the Association year and allocate programs to the appropriate committee. They shall take part in the Annual Leadership Retreat. They need to be able to assess the needs of the membership and plan program accordingly. (January 2005) The Strategic Planning Committee will maintain a membership of a target of 18 participants with 3 year equally staggered term limits.


Volunteer Opportunities

Fellow BCAR Members,

As 2016 BCAR President, I would like to ask for your help in continuing the forward momentum of our Association through next year. We are a volunteer/member driven Association and fully recognize that the value of our Association is in YOU, our membership. I would like to challenge each of you to be fully engaged in that forward momentum by volunteering some of your most precious commodity; time, to work on a committee.

Serving the Association on a committee is a privilege as well as a duty. Before committing to serve, please consider your ability to prepare for and attend meetings and to contribute to the committee in order to benefit the Association.

The following committees will need members for 2016. If you are willing to serve, complete page three of the 2016 committee form and send to Charley Axsom at BCAR, 712 Village Road SW, Shallotte, NC 28470, via fax (910) 754-7869 or email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Please select more than one committee in case your first choice is filled.

Thank you in advance for your willingness to serve and I look forward to working with you towards the better good of our Association.

Thank you,

Jim Goodman
2016 President

2016 Committee Service Form



BCAR Committees

Affiliate Committee

  • Carrie Dewitt Partello - Chair
  • Susan Giuffre - Vice Chair
  • Andrea Allen
  • David Berkheimer
  • Leesa Hilty
  • Kathy Roemer
  • Wally Simpson
  • Karen Throckmorton
  • Carolyn Walls

Budget and Finance Committee

  • Wilson Sherrill - Chair  (Treasurer)
  • Donna Atherton - Vice Chair
  • Jayne Anderson
  • Clif Cheek
  • Pam Frandano
  • Larry McNeill
  • William Terry
  • Brad Vanderburg

By-Laws/Policy Committee

  • Brad Vanderburg - Chair
  • Larry McNeill- Vice Chair
  • Donna Atherton
  • Crystal Babson
  • Bonnie Rotundo
  • Brooke Rudd-Gaglie
  • Wilson Sherrill
  • Vicki Sturgill
  • Ben Styers

Education Committee

  • Carol Averitte - Chair
  • Bruce Williams - Vice Chair
  • Barbara Andrews
  • Mike Boswell
  • Bill Carney
  • Betty Jo Ellender
  • Leesa Hilty
  • Amanda Hipp
  • Vickie Lemar
  • Cynthia Young

Election Committee

  • Tracy Swanson - Chair
  • Samantha Cheek
  • Susan Franks

Grievance Committee

  • Martha Lee - Chair
  • Denise Pacula - Vice Chair
  • Andrea Allen
  • Anne Arnold
  • Crystal Babson
  • Leesa Hilty
  • Gail Lendvoyi
  • Regina NcNiel
  • Lenora Norris
  • Frances Warner

Legislative Committee

  • Wilson Sherrill - Chair
  • Dan Kingsbury - Vice Chair
  • Millard Bailey Jr.
  • Margaret Bishop
  • Susan Franks
  • Jim Goodman
  • Tom O'Laughlin
  • Buddy Rudd
  • Marcus Spencer
  • Vicki Sturgill
  • Ben Styers

MLS Committee

  • Clif Cheek - Chair
  • Jennifer Brown- Vice Chair
  • Crystal Babson
  • Richard Barnes
  • Mark Irby
  • Martha Lee
  • Gail Lendvoyi
  • Denise Pacula
  • Jeanette Sanderson
  • Frances Warner

NCAR Awards Task Force Committee

  • Bruce Williams - Chair
  • Margaret Bishop
  • Jim Goodman

Nomination Committee

  • Clif Cheek - Chair
  • Ben Styers
  • Brad Vanderburg

Professional Standards Committee

  • Denise Kinney - Chair
  • Tori Humphrey - Vice Chair
  • Barbara Andrews
  • Carol Averitte
  • Judy Bloodworth
  • Jennifer Brown
  • Wayne Melton
  • Artis Reed
  • Bonnie Rotundo
  • Joseph Sabatini
  • Vicki Sturgill
  • Brad Vanderburg
  • Linda Williams
  • Renee Yost

ROTY/AOTY Committee

  • Jim Goodman - Chair
  • Bonnie Black
  • Carrie DeWitt-Partello
  • Ben Styers
  • Karen Throckmorton

Strategic Planning Committee

  • Clif Cheek- Chair
  • Crystal Babson - Vice Chair
  • Donna Atherton
  • Carol Averitte
  • Bonnie Black
  • Larry Cheek
  • Carrie DeWitt Partello
  • Suzanne Frederick
  • Susan Giuffre
  • Jim Goodman
  • Lynn Gulledge
  • Tori Humphrey
  • Mark Irby
  • Denise Kinney
  • Martha Lee
  • Larry McNeill
  • Lenora Norris
  • Susan Scott
  • Tracy Swanson
  • Bruce Williams


NCRMLS Managers

  • Clif Cheek
  • Jennifer Brown



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