Sentrilock Day Codes

Starting in September 2023, BrokerBay will not be able to issue one-day codes of everyone who schedules an appointment. This program will be what is needed for out-of-the-area agents that do not have SentriKey access. It is important to note that you, as the listing agent, will still be able to issue one-day codes as usual. 

All third-party programs will no longer be authorized to generate access codes. 


How to grant Sentriconnect access: 

1) Launch SentrikeyRE Mobile Application®

2) Select the “My Lockboxes” tab, under the hamburger menu in the upper left then select the lockbox you’d like to access.

3) Select “Grant SentriConnect”

4) Enter SentriConnect® User's email address and identify the Start and End time.

5) After the information is entered, Select “Grant Access” and enter your PIN

6) You will receive a success message confirming that access was granted.

7) You may go to the “message” tab to review or revoke lockbox accesses at any time.

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