NC REALTORS® & National Association of REALTORS® Dues Increase

It's that time of year... the holidays and annual billing for the National Association of REALTORS® and NC REALTORS® dues. These bills will be going out on Tuesday, November 14 and will be $411 for state and national dues. As always, REALTORS® have until February 5, 2024 to pay. After February 5, late fees will be assessed. Full payment must be received by February 19 to avoid termination and reapplication fees.

Both NCR and NAR have levied increases this year to cover inflation and a general increase in operation expense. Here are the details:

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National Association of REALTORS®

In May, NAR Board of Directors voted to include a $6 increase for a total dues payment of $201. This 4% increase is aligning with Consumer Price Index (CPI), the nations primary measure of inflation.


North Carolina REALTORS®

In October, NCR Board of Directors voted to increase dues $25 for a total dues payment of $210. This increase was to cover costs related to operating the association as well as an allocation to the Neighbors Helping North Carolina program. The following was supplied to BCAR from NCR to explain further:

$10 for operations - Costs related to operating the association have increased dramatically in recent years. Just as you are seeing higher costs for groceries, fuel, and other necessary items, the association has seen large increases for things like printing, hotels, food and beverage, and insurance. After carefully reviewing the programs required by our strategic plan, the Budget & Finance Committee determined that the association would need these additional funds to continue the programs we currently offer.


$15 for Neighbors Helping North Carolina (formerly the Property Rights Fund) - NHNC is a critical tool in our advocacy program. It allows us to run positive, targeted campaigns on behalf of local and state candidates who understand our issues and can help support our mission of opening the pathway to the American Dream of homeownership to every North Carolinian. We have not increased funding for this program since 2007, and of course, costs to run these campaigns are up significantly. We want NC REALTORS® to retain our position as the leading advocate for property rights, which requires the necessary resources to elect the best local and state officials.

Brunswick County's market is strong and BCAR members are the best in the state. 2024 is going to be another amazing year at BCAR. We will continue to offer members CE Updates and Electives at no charge, as a part of our 'More in 2024' campaign. We have a new community service initiative called 'Boswell's Breeze' coming in the spring. We would love to see you at the Boots and Bling Holiday Party on December 12. There's so much to be excited about!


Cynthia Walsh, CEO
Brunswick County Association of REALTORS®