Special Features of the MLS

Expired, Cancelled & Withdrawn

Report to Clients: Email any report to your customers. You can choose to email customer reports with or without the tax record, listing documents, videos, virtual tours, photo tours, CMAs, and flyers! 

Contact Management: Contact Management features help you keep track of information you collect from your customers. The Contact Management program in Flexmls can automatically email matches to you and your customers. Create a search and save it to a contact, type in the email address of the contact, and how often you want the customer to receive matches. 

Map Search: Narrow a search by geographic area or in a radius from a specific address. Just draw a box, circle, or irregular polygon over the area in which you want to search, and off you go! 

Quick Search: Build a customized search template or use an existing system template. In the template, you enter the listing features and keywords you search for most often. Use Location Search to quickly search in a specific zip code, address, or Map Overlay.

Map Overlay: You can create multiple overlays, each containing relevant shapes for your market. These shapes are then available to you when performing searches, or when using the statistical gadgets of the dashboard.

Market Areas: Automatically update your knowledge of current activity in markets of interest to you. You set up a market area with as much or little detail as you like counties, areas, a specific zip code perhaps. You can include a price range, number of bedrooms, or any other listing features and keywords you want. Tell Flexmls how often you want to update your market area, and what statuses you want to see (expired, new, price change, and so on), and it will keep you updated about what’s going on each time you check it.

Listing Collections: “Shop” for properties that you want to show to a buyer. Simply select listings that you think will interest your buyer; the selected listings will automatically be added to a cart. Once you are done collecting properties, you can save, print or email the desired properties all at once.

CRS Tax Information Search: Search public tax records by address or owner name, or many other options! You can access up to ten years of assessment and tax information in a format that is very easy to read. You can also define your own searches and store them as quick searches. Mailing labels may also be generated from the tax database.

Customizing a Hot Sheet: Create hot sheets based on your personal business needs and preferences. You may want to keep track of a specific property type in one or more specific areas, maybe of a certain size, price range, or any other details you’d like.

Driving Directions: Select listings and receive driving directions, via Google Maps.

Customize a View: When you have search results, you can choose how you want the system to display your search matches, using different categories of information. There are several views to choose from, and you can easily create your own.

Document Loader: Attach a variety of documents to your listing via file upload. This enhancement gives all agents easier access to these needed documents. You also have the option to view and print all loaded documents for a listing at one time.

Statistical Reports: Track your personal, office, or MLS statistics using any of the numerous reports available under the Statistics menu. Track market activity and productivity with graphical market reports tailored to a market area, including absorption rates, price trends and more. Various reports allow agents to generate reports from any search criteria and options.

Edit your Listing: From the Search Results screen You may edit your listings or your office’s listings quickly and easily from the Search Results screen, simply by clicking the arrow icon located to the right of the list number, and then click Edit Listing. This will take you to the Change menu for that listing, where you can make any kind of changes or additions, such as documents, photos, or videos.

Client Portal: Communicate with you within the Flexmls mobile application for clients. If you choose, your customers will now have access to their own dashboard which will contain information you send to them. You’ll have the ability to give customers a login name and password to the portal so that they can save listings to their own carts, and send you messages regarding listings.

Default Map: Set your default search map to an area you specify.