Comparable Sale

Expired, Cancelled & Withdrawn

How do I enter a Comparable Sale?

First, you will enter your listing like normal. Include the active MLS number. All fields must be entered, including a photo. 

The ‘Stipulation of Sale’ field must be marked as Enter as a Comparable Sale only. 

It must be closed and recorded with the county.

Note from BCARs MLS Director: Send it to me during work hours (Mon - Fri 9:00 - 5:00). In the event that I am not available, please place the listing on Hold to avoid unnecessary phone calls from other REALTORS®, until I can modify the listing. 

Email BCARs MLS Director ( the following information to have the listing closed on your behalf. 

  1. Under contract date to match contract
  2. DD Date
  3. Proposed closing date
  4. Selling member
  5. Sold date
  6. Sold price
  7. Seller Concession
  8. Buyer Financing